Could Finger Trap Be The New Thigh Gap? By Emily d’Entremont

06 Jun Could Finger Trap Be The New Thigh Gap? By Emily d’Entremont

There are many “beauty tests” out there that people struggle to live up to, such as the thigh gap phenomenon. The idea is that people who’s thighs don’t touch are skinnier and therefore prettier. Of course, everyone believes these to be true. But, they are not. Most are based on structure of a persons hips or pelvis, or sometimes even genes.

   Now, there’s a new “beauty test” becoming popular in China. On Weibo (China’s version of Facebook) people are posting pictures of themselves trying this new test. The test is basically putting your index finger against your nose and chin. If your lips can reach your finger, you are “beautiful”. But, if your lips do not reach your finger, then you’re considered “ugly”. This, like all other beauty tests, is false. It only depends on the way you pout your lips, or the way you angle your head, this is no reflection of someone’s true beauty.
   With all the new technology out there today,we can Photoshop ourselves to be an unhealthy version of ourselves. Most models use Photoshop, to cover up blemishes and a little extra skin on their bodies. These aspects of our bodies are normal, and shouldn’t be covered up. Photoshopping is common in the media, and alters the way we perceive ourselves. It really is no wonder why so many people feel the need to look a certain way. So none of these nearly impossible beauty standards are achievable.
   Obviously, people who make these have a lot of spare time. Many people participate in these because they think that they could be beautiful in some way, even if it means they have to do something as simple as putting your finger against your mouth. Some people may be disappointed with the result, and may alter it so that they fit in our standard of beauty. This is easy to come up with, and could’ve just been for laughs. We know, that these are false, but then why do we participate in them?
   Everyone is beautiful, but some people think they have to be able to do certain things to obtain our definition of beauty. There is science behind this that proves not everyone will be able to have a thigh gap or have their lips touch their finger. Beauty is not on the outside but it is on the inside. If you have a kind heart or an intelligent mind, that is what makes you truly beautiful. That means that we can all be pretty or handsome, even if our thighs touch.
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